How To Cancel Registration and Plates in Connecticut?

Managing vehicle affairs can be confusing, particularly when attempting CT DMV cancel registration and plates. As part of this process, it’s crucial to know that you must present a copy of the DMV plates/registration cancellation receipt.

This blog post is designed as a comprehensive guide to smoothly navigate these waters and successfully terminate your vehicle registration and plates in the state. Stick around for invaluable tips that will make this task less daunting!

Options for Canceling Vehicle or Vessel Registration in Connecticut

You have a few straightforward paths for canceling vehicle or vessel registration in Connecticut. A popular method is using an online service accessible around the clock.

This convenient option requires your Secretary of State number to be on file with the DMV.

If you prefer face-to-face interactions, visit any local Connecticut DMV instead. Bring your current CT vehicle registration or CT license plate number and valid CT identification for this process.

For those who prefer traditional methods, CT DMV cancel registration by mail might suit them best. Sending a mail with a filled registration cancellation form from the CT DMV may remove some headaches. 

When plates are not transferred to another car after canceling registrations, contact the assessor’s office immediately. Every cancellation ends with a canceled plate receipt confirming that the vehicle is no longer registered under you.

In addition, these options work to cancel boat registration in CT. 

How To Cancel Your Vehicle Registration and Plates in Connecticut

Several options are available to cancel your vehicle registration and plates in Connecticut. You can contact the DMV Phone Center, submit your Secretary of State number, cancel registration in CT with CT DMV cancel plates online, or visit your local Connecticut DMV.

Contact the DMV Phone Center

Calling the CT DMV phone center is crucial in managing your vehicle registration and plate cancellation process. This valuable hub will provide all the necessary information, walking you through each procedure.

Available to answer any questions, they assist individuals seeking specific instructions about plate return or online cancellation.

Their guidance continues beyond there. If your license delivery status has been delayed or there are concerns regarding insurance lapse fees, their knowledgeable staff can also shed light on these areas.

No query is too big or small for them to handle—from advice on how to proceed when plates have expired or gone missing to methods of terminating your vehicle registration by mail or in person; this resource offers convenience with every call made.

Submit Your Secretary of State Number

You’ll need your Secretary of State number at the ready for the cancellation process. This unique identifier links you to any vehicles or vessels registered under your name in Connecticut.

Don’t worry if you need help finding it—this information is on your vehicle registration document and should also be written on an old renewal notice. To proceed with the cancellation, provide this number when prompted during the online process or offer it up if you call the DMV Phone Center.

It’s an essential step in verifying your identity and proving ownership of the vehicle whose plates and registration you wish to cancel.

CT Cancel Registration and Plates Online

You can cancel your vehicle registration and plates in Connecticut online. This is the easiest and quickest way to terminate your registration. To do so, you must provide your Secretary of State number.

Accessing the Connecticut DMV Portal will allow you to complete this process digitally. However, you cannot cancel your registration online if the vehicle has two owners.

Canceling registration and plates electronically offers convenience and speed for a hassle-free experience.

Visit Your Local Connecticut DMV

One option to cancel your vehicle registration and plates in Connecticut is to visit your local Connecticut DMV office. Bring your current CT vehicle registration or CT license plate number.

The staff at the DMV will guide you through the process and assist you in canceling your registration and returning your plates if necessary. Be sure to check if an appointment is required for plate return beforehand.

It’s a convenient way to handle all the paperwork in person and get any questions answered directly by the experts at the DMV.


Can you cancel your car registration online in CT? Yes, you can cancel your car registration in Connecticut through the DMV’s online services.

Can you cancel your car registration online in CT?

Yes, you can cancel your car registration online in Connecticut. To do this, you must have your Secretary of State number on file with the DMV. You must contact the DMV Phone Center for assistance if it still needs to be added to the file.

Once your number is on file, you can access the DMV portal and easily cancel your vehicle registration online.

Do I need to return my plates to the CT DMV? 

Returning your license plates to the CT DMV is not required when canceling your vehicle registration. You can easily cancel your registration and plates online through the DMV Online Self-Service.

However, if you know that you will only drive your vehicle for a short period, it’s recommended to surrender your license plates. The CT DMV does not have a specific form for registration cancellation, so returning physical license plates is unnecessary.


In conclusion, CT DMV cancel registration and plates is a straightforward process that can be done online, over the phone, or in person at your local DMV. Please locate your CT DMV plate cancellation receipt and return your license plate if necessary.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the Connecticut DMV for support.