Connecticut Drivers License Status

There are nearly three million licensed drivers in Connecticut, making sure the roads are rarely ever empty. Laws are also commonly adjusting, especially around younger drivers such as teens or permit users. Because of this, you may have needed to look into your driver’s license.

If you have been faced with this task, we are here to help. Read on for vital information on checking the status of your driver’s license in Connecticut.

Checking Connecticut Drivers License Status

The Connecticut DMV gives multiple ways to make requests for your license, but none are easier than online. The Connecticut department of motor vehicles has an online portal that you can use. Otherwise, you can go in person and expect to wait in long lines, or you can call the DMV directly at 860-263-5700.

Using the Portal and Check Online

To use this portal, navigate to the DMV’s official website to check your status. From there, enter your Connecticut Credential Number, the 9-digit code on your ID.

While here, you can also check other statuses such as your driving record and other services the DMV provides. It’s worth noting that this check is the same for commercial driver license holders as it is for other holders.

Determine Status

There are several different possible results of entering your CCN here. It may show a notice that your expiration date has passed by saying “expired” or could inform you that you need to renew your ID. The DMV will also use website to show if your license is valid or under suspension.

Complete Forms

Using the DMV’s online portal is useful for convenience and safety. Signing and checking forms from home will stop you from needing to base your day around a trip to the DMV. It also might be your only option if you are suspended from driving and can’t find another way to get to the DMV.

Keep Identification Ready

One hint is to be ready with a non-driver identification card, especially if checking on a new license, as you may need to verify your identity. Information on your motor vehicle is important for the DMV to check and verify that your identification is valid.

Possible Punishments

Your driver’s license may be under suspension, revocation, or expired. It can also show if payment is past the date. The DMV will provide a service to renew identification and determine the end of suspension date. The DMV will also usually give notice of when you can operate your vehicle again.