Connecticut DMV Driver’s Permit Test

Connecticut allows residents to begin the process of getting their CT permit at the age of 16 years. Before learning to drive, you’ll have to apply for a CT permit. A CT permit is the first step toward getting your Connecticut driver’s license.

To apply for your CT driving permit, you’ll need to provide a few documents and an application to the Connecticut DMV.

CT Permit Requirements

You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for a Connecticut driver’s permit, including:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Complete an Application for a Non-Commercial Learner Permit or Driver’s License
  • Have two documents that prove your identity
    • One primary: birth certificate, passport, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, permanent resident card, or US Consular report of birth abroad
    • One secondary: out-of-state US driver’s license, military ID, marriage certificate, employment authorization
  • Have two documents that prove you’re a resident of Connecticut (postmarked mail, bank or mortgage bill, bank statement, property or tax bill, Medicaid/Medicare statement, or homeowner’s insurance card)
  • Have one document that shows your social security number (social security card, W-2 form, or 1099 form)
  • Have a Certificate of Parental Consent filled out by a parent or legal guardian
  • Pay the $40 test fee and $19 permit fee

If you were born outside of the United States, you’ll also need proof of legal residency in the country to apply for a CT permit. This may include documents like a US passport, I-94, I-551 Stamp, or permanent resident card.

If you recently changed your name, you’ll also need more documents. This includes a marriage certificate, marriage dissolution, probate court document, or DHS petition for a name change. You must prove all name changes before obtaining your CT permit. 

You must also first change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) before applying for a permit.

Getting a DMV learner’s permit in CT requires that you apply, complete a written knowledge test, and pass a vision test. If approved for a CT permit, you are eligible to take a state-licensed driver’s education course.

CT Permit Requirements for Non-US Residents

If you’re a non-US resident, you can still apply for a CT permit. However, there are additional requirements and documents you’ll need to bring with you. Connecticut requires that you prove your identity and legal presence and that you’re a current Connecticut resident. 

Some residents may also be eligible for the CT permit test through the Federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA or DREAM ACT).

Where To Take Your CT Permit Test

Once you complete all the registration requirements of a CT permit, you can schedule your CT permit test date. You must take the CT permit test in person. Connecticut has nine DMV offices that offer the CT permit test. 

You can take the CT permit test at any of the following DMV offices:

You must schedule your test date ahead of time at all of them.

What To Expect From the CT Permit Test

Once you have all the required documents and you’re eligible to take the CT permit test, you can schedule an appointment at one of the approved DMV offices.

Before taking the CT permit test, you will need to provide the DMV office with all the required documents. You will also have to pay the CT permit fee. On the day of your test, you will receive a written, multiple-choice test and a vision test.

This means you should bring your glasses or contact lenses if you need them. The vision test measures your acuity and peripheral vision. You must have a minimum of 20/40 or better with or without corrective lenses. You must also have a minimum of 140 degrees of binocular peripheral visual field. 

The vision test comes before the multiple-choice exam. If you don’t pass the vision test, you won’t move on to the next test and you will have to reschedule and take it again.

How To Get Your Driver’s License

You must have your Connecticut permit for at least 120 days before applying for your full Connecticut driver’s license. If you’re 18 years or older, you may be eligible to take your driver’s license test after 90 days. During this time, you must complete 30 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of on-road training.

Test results are good for two years. This means that you have up to two years after successfully passing the written test to complete the requirements to get your Connecticut driver’s license.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the CT permit test.

How many questions are on the permit test in CT?

There are 25 multiple-choice questions on the CT DMV learner’s permit written test. You must answer a minimum of 20 questions correctly to pass the test.

How to study for a permit test in CT?

You can study for the CT permit test by reviewing the Connecticut driver’s manual. Read the manual from start to finish, take online practice tests, and re-visit any questions you get wrong to prepare. 

The Connecticut Driver’s Manual is also available via the app. You can download it to your iPhone or Android for on-the-go studying. You can also sign up for study classes.

How to pass the permit test in CT?

Studying Connecticut’s rules of the road can help you pass your permit test. You must answer at least 20 of the 25 questions correctly to get your Connecticut permit. If you fail the test, you can reapply and retake it as early as one week later.

How much is a permit test in CT?

The CT permit test is $40. This fee covers the written test and vision test. If you successfully pass, the fee for the learner’s permit is $19.


A CT permit is the first step toward your full Connecticut driver’s license. Collecting the required documents ahead of time and studying for the written portion of the test can improve your chances of passing. Once you receive your CT permit, you can begin practicing driving before taking the next test.