How to Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Connecticut Driver’s License?

A lost driver’s license can be one of the most worrisome things in life; it not only serves as your identification card but also contains personal information. 

So what are the required steps if something happens to your driver’s license? What if your driver’s license is stolen or damaged? 

You’re not the first person to encounter these problems, and you certainly won’t be the last. Keep reading to find out what steps are necessary to take to replace your last license at your local DMV.

When Is a Replacement Driver’s License Required in Connecticut?

You should obtain a duplicate version as soon as you realize that you’ve lost your drivers license. This is important to do since you’re required to maintain your legality with driving a vehicle. Your driver’s license is also your primary method of ID. 

By notifying the local Connecticut DMV office, you’re letting the department know that your driver’s license number is no longer valid. This will ensure that the government can prevent any fraudulent activity and avoid identity theft. 

Additionally, United States banks are now collaborating with many states’ DMVs since more aspects of everyday life are transitioning into digital, making it harder to verify your identity. Accessing your funds is important, of course, but this will provide more relevance to the DMV in a world where fewer people are driving, whether that’s due to a medical condition, working from home, wanting to save gas costs, or simply technology.   

Until you receive a temporary or a replacement CT driver’s license, you are required to carry a copy of a Connecticut driver’s license, because otherwise, you’re at risk of legal issues for driving without proper credentials. 

Note that you will need to replace your identification card to change your last name based on marital status (divorced or married). The DMV does not require a replacement card after you move addresses, even though you have the option of ordering a new driver’s license.

How To Replace Your Driver’s License Online in Connecticut

Unfortunately, you cannot request a replacement license copy online in CT, however, you can use their online website to track the processing of your replacement driver’s license and when you can expect to get it. 

Furthermore, you can look up the wait times at your local DMV office and make appointments through their online resources. Finally, you can see available licensing locations throughout the selected state.

How To Replace Your Driver’s License by Mail in Connecticut

Connecticut drivers must replace their license in person at a DMV, seeing that there is no online option apart from providing the above features. If they are not in-state or unable to appear in person, they can receive their duplicate license via mail. 

Some examples of eligible applicants that can get a replacement license through mail include military personnel stationed away from Connecticut, motorists that are suffering from some medical condition that makes traveling difficult, and residents that are temporarily living out of state because of work or school.

When you’re looking to replace your license via mail, you must complete the appropriate form established by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Seeing that you’re opting for the mailing option, you may have to provide other documents or submit further information to provide proof. A fee is issued from the DMV office for the duplicate drivers license and must be paid via a check or money order. The payment is included with the other documentation sent to the listed mailing address.

You may also email or fax your information to obtain a duplicate driver’s license by scanning in the necessary information and emailing it to the correct CT DMV email. This process could take up to one business day and these applicants need to submit payment via phone by providing valid credit card information. 

How To Replace Your Connecticut Driver’s License in Person

Firstly, applicants looking to request their replacement Connecticut driver’s license in person need to bring one original form of ID. Then, similarly to mailing, you will complete the needed documents, pay the fee, and replace your lost driver’s license. 

To protect applicants against any fraud or identity theft, the Connecticut DMV identification cards are printed and mailed through a secure facility. This transition was made in 2017 and is known as the central issuance operations unit

Once you’re done submitting your application, you will receive a temporary identification card to take home. You will obtain your permanent, hard-copy version by mail within 20 days from when you applied.

How To Replace a Connecticut License While Out of State

If you’re currently living in another state, but are a resident of Connecticut, and are questioning how you can get a copy of your updated driver’s license, note that you must apply by mail, email, or fax. You can follow the former steps listed above, i.e. complete the forms, pay the fee, and send the file of necessary documents to the correct DMV.

Make sure that the correct out-of-state address is listed so you will be able to receive your Connecticut license when requesting a duplicate ID card from your DMV.

Connecticut Driver’s License Replacement Fees

There is a required $30 replacement fee when ordering a copy of your Connecticut driver’s license. There may be an additional convenience fee based on whatever method you choose from the former options and the DMV you select will be able to provide you with more information in person.

Connecticut Boat License Replacements

Boat owners that have a CT license or non-driver identification card can renew their privately owned boat’s registration certificate online

You will need the following on file to replace your boat license:

  • Your first and last name as it appears on your ID or non-driver identification card
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Your Connecticut boat number and hull identification number (HIN)
  • Social security number
  • Credit or debit card information

Once you renew online, you will obtain your replacement driver license in the mail between 7 and 10 days. Your renewal will indicate how much the registration payment is, yet, in general, the length of your boat determines the cost; there are no refunds.


The application form for a duplicate license or permit, replacement license, identification card, or reprint of temporary identification is issued through Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

You must complete and sign this application (either typed or printed clearly). As previously mentioned, you must have another form of identification on you as proof while completing this form. You must check one of the following that you’re applying to receive, whether that be a learner’s permit, CT driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, reprint temporary, or non-driver identification card, among others.

A reason for the duplicate CT drivers license/reprint request must be selected as well, clarifying if it was lost, stolen, or destroyed. Your personal information (i.e. name, address, height, and date of birth) is listed, alongside your signature showing that you’re indeed a US citizen. 

Application for Duplicate of Current Drivers
License or Permit
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B-350Request for a Connecticut Drivers
License/Identifications Card by Mail
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CI-1Request to Renew/Duplicate Drivers License/ID
by Mail Due to a Temporary Medication Condition
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Note that these mail forms and/or fees often change, but if you’re applying for a temporary license in person at the DMV, they will give you the updated version. Be more conscientious of these adjustments when applying via email or mail for Connecticut residents.