This Extension applies to DMV credentials/items with expiration dates between March 10, 2020 and June 8, 2020.

    • Vehicle and Boat Registrations
      • Extends by 90 days all registrations, including IRP and boat registrations, that expire between March 10 and June 8, 2020;
      • Extends by 90 days all temporary registrations obtained after March 10, 2020;

      Emissions Testing

      • Extends by 90 days all emissions test or retest due dates for vehicles with testing due between March 10 and June 8, 2020;

      New Residents

      • For any person who moved to Connecticut after March 10, 2020, extends by 90 days the period of time that person has to obtain a license, registration or emissions inspection in Connecticut;

      Disabled Parking Placards

      • Extends permanent disability placards that expire with any credential subject to a ninety (90) day extension;

      Business Licenses

      • Extends by 90 days the validity of all business licenses that expire from March 10, to June 8, 2020;

      Suspension Related Matters

      • Waives all statutory deadlines associated with notice and the conduct of hearings;
      • Extends by 90 days compliance based suspensions that are due to take effect between March 10, and June 8, 2020 (ORP, child safety seat, bad checks, insurance compliance provided there is proof of replacement policy).
      • Waives violation and penalties associated with failing to meet 30-day recalibration of ignition interlock devices;


      • Waives VIN verifications until June 8, 2020;
      • Waives non-safety related inspections until June 8, 2020;

      School Bus Proficiency Tests

      • Extends the validity of school bus proficiency tests that are due between March 10 and June 8, 2020, by ninety (90) days;

      Flashing Light Permits

      • Extends by ninety (90) days all flashing light permits that expire between March 10 and June 8, 2020;

      Hazmat Endorsement Holders

  • TSA is granting a temporary exemption from requirements in 49 CFR part 1572 regarding expiration of TSA security threat assessments (STAs) for Hazardous Material Endorsement holders. See details here